Interreg Project to initiate Business case and PR-strategy

This project is aiming to formalize the CBI cluster. A business case will be developed and a website will be launched to communicate with our stakeholders.

Duration: November 2013 till August 2014

Academic compound library

CBI will facilitate the generation of an unique and qualitative compound library. This will be achieved by structural analysis of the available collection and assessment of chemical space coverage of compound (sub)libraries.  CBI will support library enrichment and will set clear guidelines for quality, availability and uniform delivery of the compounds. A major asset of the joined chemistry effort of CBI is that chemistry follow-up for hit/lead validation will be much more enhanced than in classical screenings centers. The exact chemical expertise and background around the identified hits from the academic collection is immediately present and more derivatives of the identified hit compounds are readily available, which can quickly lead to the generation of a structure-activity relationship.


Status: library available by the end of Q2 2016


Collaboration between VIB & CBI

A joint project of the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) and the Chemistry consortium to foster Biology Innovation (CBI) to establish a Chemical Biology Research Cluster (CBRC). The main objective is to enhance the interaction between the chemistry and biology research communities via an integrated chemical biology platform that connects phenotypic assays for a range of disease and agricultural areas to unique compounds and chemistry expertise for tool development and target identification.

status: fundraising ongoing